As part of the Erasmus+ project: Clean and green is our perfect dream, pupils attending the optional courses Agricultural works and Tourism education at branch school Ihan visited the Brdo pri Lukovici experimental orchard, which owner is Slovenian agricoltural institute. We visited it on 22nd of September 2022. 

Is it correct species or variety of apples, or ‘peška’ or ‘pečka’? The friendly fruit grower cleared it up. In addition, the enthusiastic students learned many new things about food production, sustainable farming and caring for the environment. Even the friendly dogs who entertained the children have a very important task and are more than capable hunters of small pests (like voles). Of course, everyone was most interested whether they could try the apples. Let the answer remain a secret, but we can tell you that they were not disappointed. After a short, but sunny walk through the orchard, the students saw the exterior of Brdo Castle and learned many interesting facts about it and its former inhabitants – especially the famous writer Janko Kersnik.

(Skupno 34 obiskov, današnjih obiskov 1)